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Turkey At The Office

Turkey at Captivate HQ outside BostonUPDATE MAY 4:
New York City Captivate viewer Victoria Kimball checks in with this in-the-city nature experience (in Baltimore):

I was standing outside of Penn Station Baltimore on a brisk spring evening waiting in the taxi line sniffing exhaust fumes and generally hating nature at that particular moment. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement above and it was big! Hundreds, nee thousands of sparrows were migrating home, spiraling through the air en masse, never missing a beat—no collisions or mishaps, collecting and depositing smaller groups on its way and all the while singing madly as they celebrated flight. It was dizzying, exhilarating, mesmerizing, and immediately put a huge smile on my face. I felt a strong temptation to tell everyone around me to stop and enjoy the thrill with me. But, this was my private treat and I savored every moment until the whistle blew and I was on my way—it was extremely difficult to tear myself away!


So I’m just sitting there at my desk, compiling the latest news for all you loyal Captivaters, when Larry a few cubes over goes, “Kyle, check it out – turkey!” I thought he was spoiling for a fight (as is Larry’s wont) before quickly realizing he was pointing out the window.

There, indeed, was a turkey. She (I’m guessing from what I read about differences in turkey sexes) was just chillin’, preening away. I watched her for a while as she pecked around for kibbles, intermittently burying her smooth head in her feathers, or just standing still in the shade. At one point she meandered beyond the trees' shadows and shook herself, raising a billow of dust that sparkled for a moment in the sharp sunlight. The beauty of rare experiences is that they are automatically profound, no matter how mundane one person’s may seem to another’s. It was one of those surprisingly life-affirming moments that tend to happen when you get close to nature.

And get close I did, scooting outside after a bit to snap the above pic. Which brings me to your mission, good readers: We want to know about your run-ins with wildlife. Send your encounter-with-nature stories and photos to kscribner@captivate.com.

You may get national recognition via play on Captivate Network. Special bonus consideration to pics of encounters at your workplace.

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“Turkey At The Office”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I saw a bird in flight at Logan Airport in Boston last week. I took a picture, but it is blurry!