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Green Among Gray Moves

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 by Kyle Scribner

Green Among Gray has moved! Check out new posts at www.CaptivateBlogs.com/Green

Oil Spill Access Restricted

Friday, June 18, 2010 by Kyle Scribner

The Associated Press – along with other media outlets – is reporting that BP workers, local police and federal officials are restricting access to the Gulf oil spill.

Journalists have been “yelled at, kicked off public beaches and islands and threatened with arrest,” according to this story about intimidation being used to prevent comprehensive reports on the oil cleanup effort.

There’s a miscommunication going on somewhere. Admiral Thad Allen, the government’s man in charge of overseeing the cleanup effort, issued a directive to allow journalists access to Gulf sites (pdf).

Apparently BP didn’t get the memo.

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Virtual Energy Forum

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by Kyle Scribner

The world’s largest online energy conference, the Virtual Energy Forum, is happening today and tomorrow at VirtualEnergyForum.com.

Anyone can register and take advantage of the Virtual Energy Forum’s very cool platform to learn about a variety of sustainable energy topics, from the energy bill currently before Congress to building a smart grid to the challenges of climate change.

Speakers include bigwigs from a bunch of companies, including IBM and Microsoft, plus political leaders (a governor, a senator and a congressman) and some of the leading minds in clean energy (reps from the DOE, EPA, FERC, Harvard, and the Clinton Foundation).

The interface is a virtual exhibition hall, and you can visit different “rooms” to learn about all the topics. You can even submit questions and have them answered in real time. It’s one of the best ways to educate yourself about what’s going on in clean energy today, so check it out.



Kyle Scribner is a born-again nature freak who also happens to be an editor at Captivate Network.

You know that exhilarated feeling you got as a kid when you would go down to the pond to catch frogs? It never really goes away; it’s just dormant. So I'm here to slap a mix of facts and borderline balanced opinion on you, to poke a stick at the nature freak slumbering in us all and maybe get him to once again come out and play.

And we might even learn a few things about the environment as we go.


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Actually, there are plenty of ways, and Green Among Gray aims to show high-rise inhabitants how they can help ease the load on the environment and on their minds by exploring natural oases, conservation tips, and other ways to stay green while working in the concrete-built world of the big city.

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