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Cooling Down The Green Way

The EPA recently released a summary of energy-efficient cooling tips. If you want to beat the heat and save money at the same time, try some of these recommendations.

-- Set your programmable thermostat (if you don’t have one yet, get one; they can save you about $180 a year in energy costs) a few degrees higher (such as 78 degrees) when no one is home.

-- Change your HVAC system’s air filter every three months

-- Run ceiling fans only while you’re in a room; they cool you, not the room.

-- Seal air ducts and connections at vents and registers. As much as 20% of the air moving through your home’s duct system is lost due to leaks and poor connections.

-- Buy only Energy Star-qualified air conditioners. If every room AC in the US were Energy Star-qualified, it would save the equivalent of emissions from 80,000 cars.

-- Add insulation to your attic.

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“Cooling Down The Green Way”