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More Wilderness – That’s Progress, Right?

Owyhee, Idaho, a region up for protection
There are always a couple ways we can look at things. You know, glass half-full or half-empty.

An optimist, for example, might look at high gas prices as an opportunity to get more exercise. The pessimist lets the prospect of sustained $5-a-gallon gas fuel his road rage.

An optimistic Celtics fan thinks, “Cool, we get to win it at home.” A pessimist thinks Kobe looks strong, Garnett is tired, and the Lakers have a chance to actually win two in Boston.

And so it is with the environment. The Washington Post reports that up to 2 million acres of wilderness will be added to federal protection this year, which equals the total set aside over the last 5 years. “Fantastic!” some of us think. “That’s real progress.”

But others will focus on the fact that the U.S. loses four acres of open space per minute and think, “2 million acres is not enough.”

If you’re one of the ones that don’t think it’s enough, you can join the conservation push at the Wilderness Society, which is matching donations right now.

Optimist or pessimist, let us know where you come down by posting a comment below.

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“More Wilderness – That’s Progress, Right?”