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No on Warner-Lieberman ... Where Does That Leave Us?

Dr. James Hansen
The Warner-Lieberman bill was stymied in the Senate, putting the brakes on the nation’s most immediately viable option for controlling greenhouse-gas emissions.

Assuming something does indeed need to be done (there are still quite a few out there who tend to think the whole human-caused global warming thing is a sham, or at least too poorly understood to call fact), we’re going to take a look over the coming weeks at various solutions being offered by some of the best minds on the subject.

Today we’ll look at Dr. James Hansen’s latest recommendation. Hansen (above), a prominent NASA scientist, is often the target of environmental skeptics for his outspoken views on the pressing need to take action against climate change. He proposes a system in which the biggest greenhouse gas emitters would be taxed, with 100% of the tax money given directly to Americans to offset any energy rate hikes.

Dr. Hansen lays out his “tax and dividend” plan here (pdf).

What do you think – would the plan work?

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“No on Warner-Lieberman ... Where Does That Leave Us?”