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Solar, Wind Projects in Danger

Solar panels are installed on a home in New Jersey
Ah, our government. One minute, it’s a shining example to all the free world. The next, it’s a model of contradiction and inefficiency.

Exhibit A is the current stalemate in Congress over extending tax incentives for renewable energy. It’s a no-brainer. No matter how you feel about global warming or the oil industry or the environmental movement, it’s understood our main energy resources are finite and will eventually be exhausted (though the timing of such “peak oil”-type scenarios is still being debated). We must pursue alternatives. The government is pretty much united on at least that much.

But, of course, a problem arises with financing. Dems and Republicans are battling on how to pay for solar and wind incentives, as detailed in this San Francisco Chronicle article. The incentives are in danger of not getting extended, which would almost assuredly put a halt to thousands of alternative-energy projects around the country, such as San Francisco’s plan for the nation’s largest municipal solar incentive program.

For a look at one of the government’s own projects to encourage the development of sustainable energy, check out the Department of Energy’s Solar America Cities. Ten Captivate Network markets are among the 25 cities taking part in this program to “encourage adoption of solar energy technologies at the local level.”

Let us know what you’re thinking by posting a comment below. Are you considering any solar projects on your home?

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“Solar, Wind Projects in Danger”