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Green Accessories

By guest contributor Ashley DiFranza

There is something to be said for the tree-huggers in the world today – we want to save the environment. And that message is being brought to audiences in many ways, shapes and forms. Not only are there newscasts and websites designed to give the latest scoop on how to preserve the atmosphere, but there are also more personalized ways to tell everyone what you think.

Just like the smiley faces that graced the fronts of many T-shirts in the past, environmental logos and pictures on clothing are finding their way into almost everyone’s closets.

From sayings that really make you think to funny pictures, these shirts have a variety of messages and suggestions on how to save the world! One particularly powerful and eye-opening T-Shirt saying that I found was on a T-shirt with a picture of fish bones, reading, “Only when the last tree has died; and the last river has been poisoned; the last fish has been caught; will we realize that we can’t eat money.” It’s things like this that conservationists are trying to get across to people and by wearing the facts on their clothing, they seem to be getting a bit of response.

But T-shirts aren’t the only things with environmental sayings on them. There are many accessories that post good messages for the public. From knapsacks made from recycled water bottles to
pens and coffee mugs that read, "It's easy being green," conservationists are really thinking of everything to try and draw attention to the rising issues in the world.

Popularity of environmental posters and bumper stickers is also developing quickly. More and more people are looking for a way to show what they believe in and this is the way to do it. And hey, if that doesn’t work, look for an environmentally friendly email sign off! Whichever way you decide to show it, make it known that the environment is quickly degrading and we need to help it.

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“Green Accessories”