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Hollywood Goes Green

The gravitas-lending Laura Dern
Yes, it’s easy to mock self-congratulatory B-list stars gathering at some faux-fundraiser-cum-photo-op to “raise awareness of important issues” when everyone knows the only awareness they’re concerned about is that of their IMDB profile.

But there are Hollywood events that may actually lead to something important. The Hollywood Goes Green shindig, now in its second year, might be one of those.

Reps from Disney, FOX, Sony, GM and HP will be at the December 8-9 forum at the Hilton LA/Universal City for “an in-depth exchange of ideas and to make deals with influencers who share a passion for protecting the environment.”

Hmm. Alright, so it sounds a little phony. But something about this is giving me a legit vibe. Could be the presence of Laura Dern (above), always known to lend gravitas to any function, who’ll be the headliner at a dinner/talk focusing on organic food production, sustainable agriculture and children's health.

Yes, that’s better. Serious issues, being discussed at a noble-intentioned forum of heavyweights who can influence policy for the betterment of our world.

Or just an excuse to line up a late-2009 FOX release of a Disney co-production sponsored by Sony starring the voice of Laura Dern as a lovable bear cub.

I guess we’ll see.

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“Hollywood Goes Green”