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Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide

Ha! A guide for toilet paper. Funny stuff, you think.

Until you realize more than 400,000 trees would be saved if every family in America bought even just one roll of recycled toilet paper.

So says Greenpeace, which has released a Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide that shows which companies use recycled content in their paper products. It’s the latest salvo in Greenpeace’s ongoing feud with Kimberly-Clark – maker of Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle and other tissue, napkin and toilet paper products – which Greenpeace claims is destroying ancient forests by using pulp from unsustainable sources and not using enough recycled content.

Greenpeace says Kimberly-Clark used 3.3 million tons of virgin (tree) fiber in 2004 produced from clearcut logging in ancient forests like the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Kimberly-Clark counters with its latest sustainability report, in which it claims 31% of the content in its products is recycled.

But with all the resources a multibillion dollar company like K-C must have, it feels like they should be doing more.

In its guide, Greenpeace highlights companies that ARE doing more, like Green Forest, which uses 90% post-consumer recycled content (and 100% recycled overall) in its toilet paper, paper towels and tissue; and others like Natural Value and Seventh Generation.

Do you make it a habit to buy recycle paper products? Let us know by commenting below.

“Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide”

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