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Green Roundup

Honda Insight
A few tidbits from across the environmental news realm:

Head to Mother Nature Network to get the goods on the new environment czar, author/activist Van Jones.

If you’re one of the millions (note: no corroborating evidence to back up this number; could actually be just a handful) who missed something by an hour this past Sunday and were left cursing the 2005 decision to move Daylight Saving Time up a few weeks, check out the Dept. of Energy’s 2008 report (pdf). It should make you feel better to know, the seemingly arbitrary shift has actually resulted in some energy savings.

With the EPA’s recent news that U.S. greenhouse gas emissions rose 1.4% in 2007, its even more recent news that it plans to make greenhouse gas reporting mandatory (this is where you say, “why the hell isn’t it already?”) is that much more welcome.

The Los Angeles Times reveals the sticker price of Honda’s latest hybrid, the Insight, and it’s a shock of another kind: It’s affordable! So the question now becomes, do we buy it as soon as it comes out March 24, or do we wait for the new Prius, due out June-ish?

“Green Roundup”