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Kimberly-Clark Responds To My Calling Them An ‘Eco-baddy’

So I gave paper-product king Kimberly-Clark a backhanded compliment in my last post, praising its inclusion on the EPA’s on-site green power usage list while ragging on its sustainability track record.

Apparently I struck a nerve. Here’s the new news: “Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brands, today announced stronger fiber sourcing standards that will increase conservation of forests globally and will make the company a leader for sustainably produced tissue products.”

Yep, when Green Among Gray talks, people, and humongous conglomerates, listen.

Or, Kimberly-Clark’s change of heart could have something to do with a little Greenpeace campaign called Kleercut, through which the highly respected environmental organization has been rallying since 2004 for changes in K-C’s forestry practices.

But let’s not quibble about the ‘why;’ it’s the ‘what’ that’s really important: “Kimberly-Clark has set a goal of obtaining 100% of the company’s wood fiber for tissue products, including the Kleenex brand, from environmentally responsible sources,” Greenpeace says.

Well I say to Kimberly-Clark, in totally forward-handed fashion, “Job well done.” And to Greenpeace: Thanks for chipping in. Your work helped - even if just in a small way - Green Among Gray affect real change.

“Kimberly-Clark Responds To My Calling Them An ‘Eco-baddy’”