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Green Happenings Across The Captivate-Sphere

Did you know Captivate’s Office Tower Network airs in 27 North American cities? (Though with our new Web site, we’re totally global now).

Yes, dear viewer, your building is just one of 940 among the Captivate family. You’re part of a wide-reaching, yet – we like to think, anyway – close-knit group. And like any family, we like to share. And argue. And borrow each other’s stuff. And argue about borrowing each other’s stuff. But for today, we’ll just focus on the sharing.

As in, sharing how you can get involved in green happenings, wherever you do your elevator riding:

The Boston Landmarks Orchestra Presents Green Masterpieces – Hit the green grass of the Esplanade tonight for this free Hatch Shell concert featuring nature-themed works from the likes of Mozart, Debussy and Mendelssohn.

Prudential Center Farmer's Market – Nothin’ like getting all country smack dab in the city. Pick up fresh fruits, vegetables and other earthy goodies from producers including Drumlin Farm, Sel de la Terre, Taza Chocolate and When Pigs Fly Bread. Runs Thursdays through October.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Green Remodeling – This hourlong class at the Decatur Library the night of September 8 teaches how greening your home can save you money.

Living Green Festival in the Park – Go through the garage and see what you can dig up to bring down to this giant recycling shindig at Chastain Park Amphitheater. The September 19 event will feature recycling of electronics, metal, toner, printer cartridges and orthopedic equipment, as well as a living green market, an organic farming exhibit, hybrid vehicles and kids’ activities.

“NextNew: Green” Conversation with the Artists – Check out contemporary art that comments on climate change and other environmental issues, and get the straight dope from the exhibition’s nine Bay Area artists. You can speak with the artists September 10, and the show runs through the 20th.

Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival – The 14th annual celebration of “writers,
nature and community” will be held September 26 at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley. In addition to readings from the likes of former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass, this free event will feature interactive nature and art activities, book signings and a guided walk around Strawberry Creek.

“No Impact Man” – This film, which screened at January’s Sundance Film Festival, documents “guilty liberal” Colin Beavan and the effects on his young family as he abruptly decides to live a truly environmentally friendly life. It debuts in NYC and LA September 11. Screenings continue in various cities through next month.

SOKHOP – This two-day charity event emphasizes the importance of sustainable living practices for children’s health. The Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet festival runs September 12-13 and includes interactive exhibits, kids’ activities, organic food and “25 presenters in the fields of preventative pediatrics, nutrition and green living.” Kids under 15 get in free.

Edgewater GRalley – It’s just in its second year, but there’s already a lot of buzz about this music fest with a green edge. The Edgewater block party features a dozen bands, plus environmentally friendly activities that include a kickoff bike parade with State Rep. Harry Osterman. The party goes noon-10 pm on September 19.

Chicagoland Car-free Day – Ditch the jalopy for public transit – or, even better, your own two feet – for this day that celebrates auto-free transport. Active Transportation Alliance, RTA, Pace, Metra and CTA are teaming for the effort on September 22. If you commit to the day, you get a Caribou Coffee coupon. And you can then put that caffeine jolt to good use by scurrying around the old-fashioned way: bipedally.

And if you’re too busy to head out, or there aren’t any events near you, you can always participate in the comfort of your own home. The United Nations has a new campaign, “Seal the Deal,” that aims to prod countries into coming to terms on a global pact on climate change. Sign the petition and help spur action as we get closer to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

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“Green Happenings Across The Captivate-Sphere”