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Areas With Air-Pollution Violations

Cars, power plants, factories. We need ‘em all. But though they bring benefits, even necessities, to our society, they bring something else too: soot. Or what the EPA refers to as “fine particulate matter.”

This particulate matter has been proven to cause health problems. So the EPA monitors it. And a few years ago, they lowered the maximum amount of particulate matter allowable, to 35 micrograms per cubic meter from 65. So now, 35 micrograms is the maximum amount of particulate matter any county in the US can have in their air in any given 24-hour period.

When a county is over that amount, the EPA flags it as “nonattainment.” If you live in a nonattainment county, you are at a greater risk of health problems from the tiny bits of chemicals infesting the air you breathe.

The good news is that fine particle pollution in the US has fallen 19% since 2000. The bad news is that there are still 31 areas across the country that are classified as nonattainment.

I looked through the data to see what Captivate cities might be included in the nonattainment list. There are several: Stamford, Conn.; New York City; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; and San Francisco.

Check to see if you live in one of the EPA’s flagged counties.

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“Areas With Air-Pollution Violations”