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Greening Your Home With The EPA

Green Among Gray has always tried to help average homeowners shrink their footprint and save money right where they spend it the most: at home.

In the past, I’ve offered tips on measuring your home’s energy use, how to get tax credits for energy improvements, and utilizing energy-efficient mortgages.

And now, the EPA has collected information on all this, plus a lot more, in one handy spot: EPA.gov/GreenHomes. Here, the EPA makes it easy “to find clear, consolidated, readily accessible, and credible information” on going green in and around your home.

Every room of the house is covered, from learning the best ways to conserve water in the bathroom, to cutting energy use of your kitchen appliances, eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from your bedroom furniture and carpets, and using environmentally friendly cleaners in your living room.

EPA’s GreenHomes site also has info for renters, such as the best ways to find green units for rent, and a boatload of other info, including a glossary of green terms and how to keep your yard a low-footprint area.

Check it out, maybe as you’re digesting your Thanksgiving feast. Then when you host next year, maybe you’ll do it in much greener surroundings.

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“Greening Your Home With The EPA”