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Nothing drives home the finality of the close of the holiday season quite like that somber drag to the curb of your ornamentless, needles-hemorrhaging Christmas tree corpse.

But Earth911 has found a way to put a positive spin on it: The environmental services company tells us the easiest way to recycle Christmas trees (aka “treecycling”).

It’s not so sad kissing your tree (and, by extension, the festive holiday season) goodbye when you think of all the good ways your tree is going to be used: as mulch for landscaping, or chipped and used for playground material, hiking trails, paths and walkways, Earth911 says.

Check out their listings for various cities for recycling times, availability and how to prepare your tree.

If your town offers curbside recycling, they most likely include Christmas trees among their eligible pickup items and once you’ve made that trip to the curb you’ve done all you need to. But for those who don’t have that convenience, Earth911 tells you all you need to know to most easily treecycle.

They even compiled a list of cities with the highest number of treecycling resources, and I’m proud to say Captivate markets dominate the list:

1. New York City, N.Y. – 81
2. Los Angeles, Calif. – 26
3. Chicago, Ill. – 23
4. Las Vegas, N.V. – 22
5. Phoenix, Ariz. – 18
5. Gainesville, Fla. – 18
7. San Diego, Calif. – 17
8. Miami, Fla. – 13
8. San Francisco, Calif. – 13
10. Indianapolis, Ind. – 12

So don’t think of this time of year as the end of the holidays – think of it as just the beginning for your Christmas tree.

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