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Welcome to Green Among Gray

I imagine some of you are saying, “not another blog about the environment.” Well, yes, technically this is another blog about the environment, but hopefully it’ll be delivering something a bit different. There will be the standard stuff –environmental news and tips – tailored so the big-city worker can easily apply it to his/her life. But Green Among Gray’s main function is to move you to appreciate nature again, to be awed by it like you were as a kid. Why bother, you ask? First, the world appears to be heading for trouble, natural-resource-wise, and one way to stem that is to keep nature top-of-mind; second, we could all use a boost of energy, and a lot of restorative power can come from reconnecting with nature; and, finally, a more shallow reason: ‘Green’ is chic – you’ll have something to add the next time the dinner conversation turns to conservation.

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“Welcome to Green Among Gray”