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Is Your Work Helping You Achieve Greenness?

Google worker rides a company bike
So you’ve got a green vibe going at home. You’re paying attention to how many lights you leave on, converting to CFLs and incessantly recycling (you’re the one who stammers, “uh, uh, uh” whenever you catch your kids/husband/wife going to drop scrap paper or a spaghetti sauce jar in the trash, aren’t you? It’s OK. It’s a good thing).

How about at work? Is there room for greening there? Probably. At minimum, your workplace should have some sort of recycling program. If not, take the initiative and get it rolling yourself. It can start as simply as commandeering a trash barrel, slapping a recycling symbol on it and placing it in a main hallway.

So you can help your work, but your work should also be helping you. One of the easiest ways, as this Forbes.com piece explains, is for a workplace to be commuter-friendly. Firms nowadays are instituting policies such as giving bikes to workers (above), paying for gas, awarding rebates for hybrid purchases and encouraging telecommuting. If your employer isn’t on this list (pdf), there’s probably room for improvement.
Also check out the Environmental Defense Fund’s list of companies and the steps they’re taking to go green.

Let us know what “greenery” your workplace is up to.

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“Is Your Work Helping You Achieve Greenness?”