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Office Plants

Succulents atop the American Society of Landscape Architects HQ in D.C.
Having a few potted plants spread around the workspace is a time-honored way to lend vibrancy and character to an area that, let’s face it, can be downright drab.

The benefits of having greenery around the office are many, including increased job satisfaction, surveys have shown.

But with the explosion of the green movement, enthusiasts are going far beyond simply hanging a few spider plants. Rooftop gardens are sprouting on homes and offices around the country, illustrating what can be done with tiny spaces and resources – conditions you often see in the city.

You don’t have to take it as far the Dervaes family of Pasadena, Calif., (but if we all did we probably wouldn’t be worrying about salmonella tomatoes or the price of gas), but Green Among Gray would like to see what kind of greenery Captivate viewers have blossoming around the office.

Got some cubicle Chrysanthemums or corner-office Crocuses? Show us by submitting photos to kscribner@captivate.com and your pics may wind up on Captivate Network.

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“Office Plants”

  1. Anonymous Candy from office plants Says:

    I like it.
    Cool and very nice plants.
    It really gives a cool impression to the place.